i want...

Any of these! by Hasan Hejazi. Sold in Harrods.

summer trends 2010

"Hayley tunes in with dial-up hair extensions, a clip-in track of phone cord hair pieces."

"Rahmond's Paris fashion sense is of the Hilton variety, with this blond and beautiful backside pony."

"Audrey gives her dark denim a distressed look on the go, accomplished easily with a can of white spray paint."

"It's what's on the outside that counts to a California girl like Lisa, which is why she shows off her penchant for piercings on top of her clothes."


shoulder dysmorphia for summer 2010

If you know me well, you will know why i find this interesting :)

"In my life I've never met anyone as beautiful as you"

These are stamps made by Dominic Wilcox.

I like these because they are things people should take time to say or really think about the meaning before they say it, but these stamps just show how we just come out with the sentence and sometimes say things without real conviction.

I chose to put this up today because of the 'beautiful' one.
I hear this word said to me by passers by and someone said i was "overly beautiful" the other night. I think you can only see someone as being beautiful if you take away the lust you have for that person and see them as themselves, their natural state. Thats the only time you can really look at a person and truly call them beautiful.


This is Marte's fashion ident which we shot at night in bournemouth. It was fun, i fell over in the heels countless times and because i was wearing no clothes in the woods for hours, i got a cold!
Worth it though, jason did a brilliant job.


Comic book style illustrations of Marvell for Risky Roadz