My East London Line Extention Campaign (Idea 1)

simple mock ups of website and poster design for the 'my east london' campaign for the underground line extension. Using photos taken by locals to show the area.

using fergus mcdonalds photos -

reason for wanting long hair number 2

....little bit creepy.

watching Quinn Fabrays perfectly curled ponytail in Glee. sigh.

long tings

I am massively captivated by these two trends. 
I love the dark, berry lips like in the missoni and proenza images above. I went out the the Brixton wig shops and found myself a perfect dark purple colour which i absolutely love, and i most like wearing it with my nude american apparel shirt.

Neutral, pastel and organic colours and whites, i think, look so amazing with berry lips, and a little step further would be with these beautiful maxi dresses below, especially the top one!
That dress is something i dream i could wear with my dark purple lips, floating down the street in the summer!

Guess ill stick to the normal length dresses at the moment though, shame.

Marc Jacobs


Les Chevals from Sonia Levy on Vimeo.

saw this on artist called Sonia Levy.



two of my favourite things on the miu miu s/s 10 runway, i love the cat print platform block heels. I am also jealous of the plaits. I must get extensions.



a couple of versions for a double page spread for my uni project.
Words by Gil Scott Heron

Harry Beck

With the up coming east london tube project camberwell has given us, i thought i would put this up to remind us how brilliant this bit of design by Beck is.


today has been pretty gradient.

Went on my friend will's website and saw...
( )

Then went and bought this...

Then this popped up on facebook...

Sabrina Dehoff

what i want for valentines please..



showing my flat mate chat roulette, this guy popped up.
He is an Illustrator from france and he sent me some of his work for me to use!
So i guess not all chat roulette users are old men with penis pumps.

118 valentines advert

Our next project will be on the new tube lines opening in East London.
I think we will have to promote this somehow.
Thinking about this, i kept noticing these adverts for 118 on the underground and at bus stops.
I think they are ever so cute, and mussel square sounds yummy.

in love

with my new shoes

Mitch Payne

I love photos of my friends, especially when they are taken by a talented photographer like Mitch. He studies at Bournemouth Arts Institute, the same as all the guys in the photos. They also all live together, photographers, designers and illustrators.

jamnesty 2 poster

working on poster and stuff by jacob davies, lauren mcdonald and me.


london dj, dj rags is making mixtapes every month for us to download on
listening to it just now while me and my friends are making a poster.
Our usual itunes "your turn to pick a track to play" rules went out the window as this mix is what we listen to anyway, but seamlessly mixed together.

feedback from jacob;

'soothing, restorative and re-energizing, i want to be on a bus at night'

laurens feedback:

'...i had quite a nice time'

ha! .. great. and i love it. the best music taste. some of my favourite artists and one of my favourite songs in there!

ill be putting them up here every month, to listen to the first one go too:


Gil Scott Heron – Ill Take Care Of You
Tweet – Oops (Oh My) (Acapella)
Gold Panda – 5th Av.
Four Tet – Angel Echoes
Kyle Hall – I Love Dr. Girl Friend
Mount Kimbie – Maybes
Aphex Twin – IZ-US
Flying Lotus – Dancefloor Stalker
John Frusciante – Murderers
Starkey – Spacewalk
Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer
Burial – Unite
Martyn – Vancouver
Kanye West – Overnight Celebrity (Instrumental)
Zomby – Test Me For A Reason
Nosaj Thing – Us
Gil Scott Heron – Legend In His Own Mind
James Brown – King Heroin (Instrumental)
J Dilla – Heroin Joint