words from 'the revolution will not be televised'
project for Camberwell Arts College

You cant tell the amount of painstaking time that went into these.
The words are sliced out of card, peeling off the layers depending on how see-through i wanted it, all made from just one piece of card.


My friend lauren makes nice work don't she!

Birthday Present?

So if i add my blog and twitter followers together, you guys should only have to pay just under $3 each for this.
If all my facebook friends buy it, its pennies!!!

.... just a thought. haha

nearly done...

just gotta add pics.


Molly Browne is a lovely girl with lovely hair that i am VERY jealous of.
She is on the same FdA Design Practice course at Camberwell as me.

She is amazing at doing computer design work... if you couldn't tell from the project images above!

This was a project we got given to promote Dalston.

she has just started -


My friend Sara Sturges showed me this site at a house party.
I liked it alot so thought i would share.

Aztec prints

my second favourite, after African.

All items sold on PIXIEMARKET.COM

i can stop moaning

cause i have hair like this now.


Should really remember to take cameras out to places, even though when i do i take approximately 3 then forget i have it. Must try harder.

No Tempz... annoying. but surprise d double and flirta D. perfect.

Dont remember much after that, mess, mess, mess.

This guy took me up to Nottingham's Detonate festival the night after. It had been a while since i had been to a good Dubstep/dnb night, so with the headliners including Benga, Digital Mystikz, Caspa and Andy C it was a decent reintroduction.
I did on the other hand, seeing as i come from the place, know that the crowd will be mostly kids. correct.
Thats ok though, i got a VIP band met this groupie called Charlotte and hung out backstage with the artists while she necked the djs vodka and meph talked non stop. Nice girl