sketches for the a1 posters i made. Words taken from Gil Scott Herons, 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised'

natalie wood

very cheap sale items by natalie wood!! Something else.
I bought the v-neck one with the zip down the middle and its so pretty.


I saw a little staff puppy that looked just like this one in Brixton yesterday. It was the first time i had ever seen a cute puppy and then wanted one so bad!!

this is holly with her housemates kitten

For about a year now lots of girls i know have been getting kittens. I said it was because this is the point in our lives when we should be having babies so their bodies just need to be maternal. 

Well, as soon as i move flat i am getting a kitten. I didn't think i would fall for the whole body clock thing, but... LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!! AWWWWWW!

sold out, of course they are.

now i really dont think i can go back to getting just plain ones.


me and molly working on our project. I mainly put this up so my mum would see it and know i was going into uni..... hello mum!

i want

im supposed to be doing some uni work on the internet but there are just too many funny hats to look at.

pussy bag

submitted too GLU magazine by Simon Wald.

i used to draw lots

now i just wish i had the time


Lina Jaros

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! That colour pink is my favourite colour.

Matt Stuart - KK Outlet

Thursday 4th Feb, KK Outlet, Hoxton Square. Matt Stuarts 'Look Both Ways' opening night.

Group of photos of "happy accidents". -

A month or so ago i discovered and its become my favourite online store, but seeing as im pretty poor, only have got two things (one being the backless tunic!) 
I recommend taking a look.

college education - £12,000 (so far)

And all i have done this far on my project is this. 

socle private view

photos taken by Selina Kerley -

Jeffrey Campbell shoes

I have been searching the net high and low for some new shoes. These may be in the running. I haven't liked much of his old styles, especially his heels, but i love these!


I received a letter from my mum and it had the mini skirt stamp on the front. I had never seen these before so i found the others on the internet, showcasing great british design icons.


Matthew Hay -

Adam Bletchly -
Kraggy -

Sneeky Peek of three of the illustrations that will be in the 'skitt illustration' section of collarbone.