Should really remember to take cameras out to places, even though when i do i take approximately 3 then forget i have it. Must try harder.

No Tempz... annoying. but surprise d double and flirta D. perfect.

Dont remember much after that, mess, mess, mess.

This guy took me up to Nottingham's Detonate festival the night after. It had been a while since i had been to a good Dubstep/dnb night, so with the headliners including Benga, Digital Mystikz, Caspa and Andy C it was a decent reintroduction.
I did on the other hand, seeing as i come from the place, know that the crowd will be mostly kids. correct.
Thats ok though, i got a VIP band met this groupie called Charlotte and hung out backstage with the artists while she necked the djs vodka and meph talked non stop. Nice girl

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