'refer to hairbrush sample'

1. we stopped seeing each other
2. he said he wanted me back
3. he said i deserved better
4. i realised it was all lies
5. the first day i didnt cry
6. never again

hair taken from my hairbrush which had built up over the last few months while i was dying my hair back blonde.


Aldo Lanzini

beautifully alarming crochet masks most recently made an appearance at Missoni's Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show when the 30 ushers wore them to seat people.

"the condition of contemporary man, some kind of conscious schizophrenia."

YESSSSSS missoni

I have heard a few people say bad things about this collection but i disagree.
I love this and if this is the way SS11 is going, there will be decent african inspired prints in the shops and i will be a happy girl.

Come on now girls.
We have had all the sexual liberation thing happen and now we are equal to men, blah blah blah
But this aint liberating, believe me. I think your getting the message across wrong.

photos by peter beste


I have fell in love once this year, but im happy to wait.
As long as i get them in the end.

this week i want...

Hafsteinn Juliusson has developed a series of “Growing Jewelry”

Dominique Hollington by Karim Sadli | Man About Town 2010

I first saw this man in i-D. Upto date, this is my favourite photo. Perfectly Beautiful.
Check out his work.

yvonne fehling X Jennie Peiz

Perfect. this made me happy today.